Have some fun – dress up for your partner

Dressing up is an important part of role play, but many just like to dress up. You can perhaps call it a bit of fetish, but I think it is perfectly acceptable.

Personally, I like to dress up as well. I have some favorite lingerie which I use, and I also have some costumes. My husband initially thought it was a bit of a fetish, but he soon got used to it.

It started when I was quite young. Of course, at the time I did not have any sexy lingerie, that came later, but I did enjoy playing dress up. Perhaps this is where my fetish for feather boas started, I am not so sure to be honest. Now I dress up a lot, and especially at the weekend.

Naughty Nurse Dress Up

The naughty nurse is one of the most popular costumes when it comes to role play. It seems to have been around for ages and it is refusing to go away. I don’t know who gets the biggest quick out of this costume but quite often I think the naughty nurse herself enjoys it.

There are many different variations on the naughty nurse, and if you enjoy this one, you may have a bit of fetish about nurses as well.

Naughty Police Man

This is another popular choice, and you can now buy it as a dress up kit. This is certainly one which gets the ladies going, but then again the naughty police woman is another firm favorite amongst the boys. You will often find this costume used by strippers and exotic dancers.

Naughty Fire Man

A lot of ladies do have a fetish about fire men. We all want to be rescued by a big hunky fire man and carried away from danger. 

Most men think that this is the most common fetish amongst women, and I read somewhere that this is a very popular choice around Valentine’s Day.

To dress up may be considered a bit of a fetish for some, but for most it is just a really enjoyable experience.

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Tips to Help You Find Hot Girls While Holidaying

Finding the best girl out there is not a cheap task. You need to undertake painstaking research for you to get the hot girls of your dreams. Many amateurs have lacked a companion while in other countries because they are simply not informed. For you to find hot girls for a companion, you need to master the subtle tips that will quicken your way to getting your dream girl or girls. Read on to discover more.

sporty girl

First, you need to be very friendly for you to find sexy companion girls. If you wear an air of detached aloofness, you are going to waste your chances of nailing the girls that can prove useful companion. Small things such as a smile and a handshake will go a long way in helping you find a reliable companion girls.


There are many agencies out there that offer service in the sex and recreation industry. As such, you should enlist the service of such bureaus for you to land the sexy girls you want. Service industries in the area of recreation and catering will prove useful companion as you look for the hot girls who will color your holiday. Request to know what the whole service entails and negotiate to find the best prices out there. You should avoid settling for the first service you find. Do enough research until you get the most affordable one.


Again, you need to do a lot of research to avoid landing a thief while looking a sexy girl to make your holiday colorful. You must go for the service of a chartered bureau or agency that is well reputed. To know which agency has the best companion service reputation, you should ask those that have sought the same service before.


You should be articulate in order get the hot girl of your dreams. Be a person who knows what they want to achieve. Conquer fear and shame and shyness and communicate with informed clarity. Hot girls who make excellent companion find articulate men to be fun. Desist from wearing that charlatan face that keeps everything under a veneer of obscurity. Share more about yourself and listen as your companion tells you more about herself. Tell her the kind of service you want from her and if she accepts, let her do it without feeling too obliged to do it. Create an atmosphere of friendliness.


Finally, you need to make your goals very clear to the companion girls you are talking to. As such, you need to be very clear what your point of getting a girl is. If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it. You need to know exactly what you want for you to get it. Once you know what you want from a particular girl, avoid beating about the bush. Immediately tell her what you want. If she is willing, let her tell you right away. If she is not willing, then let her alone and look for another one. This will save you a great deal of time and money and maximize your chances.

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