Have some fun – dress up for your partner

Dressing up is an important part of role play, but many just like to dress up. You can perhaps call it a bit of fetish, but I think it is perfectly acceptable.

Personally, I like to dress up as well. I have some favorite lingerie which I use, and I also have some costumes. My husband initially thought it was a bit of a fetish, but he soon got used to it.

It started when I was quite young. Of course, at the time I did not have any sexy lingerie, that came later, but I did enjoy playing dress up. Perhaps this is where my fetish for feather boas started, I am not so sure to be honest. Now I dress up a lot, and especially at the weekend.

Naughty Nurse Dress Up

The naughty nurse is one of the most popular costumes when it comes to role play. It seems to have been around for ages and it is refusing to go away. I don’t know who gets the biggest quick out of this costume but quite often I think the naughty nurse herself enjoys it.

There are many different variations on the naughty nurse, and if you enjoy this one, you may have a bit of fetish about nurses as well.

Naughty Police Man

This is another popular choice, and you can now buy it as a dress up kit. This is certainly one which gets the ladies going, but then again the naughty police woman is another firm favorite amongst the boys. You will often find this costume used by strippers and exotic dancers.

Naughty Fire Man

A lot of ladies do have a fetish about fire men. We all want to be rescued by a big hunky fire man and carried away from danger. 

Most men think that this is the most common fetish amongst women, and I read somewhere that this is a very popular choice around Valentine’s Day.

To dress up may be considered a bit of a fetish for some, but for most it is just a really enjoyable experience.

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Ponder to wonder the general Idea of a service offered? Say in physical, emotional or spiritual forms. Some abhor the fact that women in streets parade in tight, short and rather revealing clothing ready to offer sexual pleasure as a service, being at variance, the adult women seem to care less of their reputation and what others may refer them to as prostitutes. As an adult females, they have curved out their own life path, and I seem to agree that no one has a mandate to judge a person unless you both co-exist as one and sexy brunettewhatever decision one makes affects your adult life.

Can you really make a difference between the terms a prostitute service and a slut service? The general concept of a prostitute, is a woman advertising her body to men willing to offer pleasure mostly in the form of sexual pleasure service, goes without saying, a new crop of sexual service is offered to men who are in dire need of emotional care by this women. Herein, a slut is a woman who seduces often wealthy or successful men, has sex with them and solicits money from them after developing a relationship. These women normally keep this men to pay their bills and for their luxury lifestyle. Funny thing is, many sluts will often insult prostitutes, claiming the moral high ground, talk of a log in your eye.

In my opinion Its hypocritical to take a moral high ground and cast stones without being self analytic, and more over useless to judge people who do not influence your life be it that they are alive, dead ,naked ,clothed or evil, in this case them offering service to men who are in need. Having said all that, I believe its time we woke up to the harsh realities of life, embrace them and evolve to them so as to adapt and co exist as an independent adult people, developing mutual respect for each other. It can be rather embarrassing being in the streets and caught between haphazard chases of cat and mouse between police and these adult pleasure giving women of the night. Sometimes I wonder how they begin to distinguish them from ordinary women who are coincidentally walking in the streets, or how do they filter who is who?

The profession of offering adult pleasure as a service is as old the biblical times and the demand for those pleasure stuff doesn’t seem to dampen any more now than when they began as far back as Jesus encountering Mary Magdalene, the general public stigma and loathe is just the same now as it was then albeit the passing of more than two thousand years. However, now a few countries have allowed adult pleasure service and termed it legal although on conditions such as health checks and tax returns made from income generated from pleasure service rendered. Am yet to see it here locally myself and think it would be a turning point on a culture of misconception, prejudice and loathe towards this pleasure giving adult women.

Having said all these, I still think that adult women offering men these pleasure services should not make it a career and spend up to their old age strutting their stuff in the streets , brothels or hotels. Personally I think this should be a last resort in times of desperation and steadfast platform to build their adult lives in some other way. It can be quite mind boggling for a child growing up.

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What it takes to become a high class escort in city of London

Every Girl’s dream is to have everything that their hearts crave for, but sometimes they do realize that most of their heart desires are out of their reach. If you are one of the beautiful high class girls, it will allow you to attain those financial needs but risks also come in handy. If you are planning to be one of the beautiful London escort girls, then you should know the rules to follow before you embark on your mission of being the best escort.

girl in high heelsYou should also know the realities of what you are in to and about to do. Many men always pay about $200 to you so that girls can please them for about an hour. If you ever verify out the craigslist you will definitely find out that the $200 that you are paid can get you disrespected by men who don’t know how to treat a beautiful London girls. You will have to put up with so many crap because you will be paid good money.

Being a beautiful London escort you can be the one who is in control of the situation, you can charge whatever amount you want, not what someone wants to give you, and you should realize that these men will come for the service that you offer so they better follow your rules. After all, you are not the one who is paying for the beautiful sex.

Step 1 Girls – you should take so many beautiful pictures.

• Tasteful.


• Erotic.

• Semi-nude.

Whatever, provided that your best possessions are being showcased. You should Photoshop them so that their is no visible imperfections

. Step 2: Advertise. Create an account with a fashionable site in London. The membership price of this site always depends on your choice. Decide on a fancy name that will describe you as a beautiful London girls like others and what you will have to offer. Never list rates anywhere on this website any kind of explicit information. With fashionable customers discretion is best. If you ever want people to understand you, and most importantly it will help them to know more about you. Ensure that you post your London phone number and on your link.

Step 3: Girls you should also get a website, at first you may not have the resources and money to pay any kind of a developer not any other but a web designer to create you a site, that means a free web will have to help you for now. If you don’t have one search the web for some other London sites, they will come in handy to assist you, all you have to do is just inserting text and beautiful pics. In this area, all the information about you that a client needs to understand and know will always be listed here. You should decide on things you will not and will do. Remember that you beautiful girls, it is your duty. You are the one in control. Put up so many different beautiful pictures of you on your site, this will help the clients to get more of logic of who you are like. Never show your face, particularly if you have much in stick and you don’t want your family and friends to know the secret life you are in.


With the following steps in mind, you will definitely enjoy your journey of becoming a beautiful London escort. You should understand and take the necessary measures that are required in this kind of venture, if you follow these steps to the latter you earn a lot of money. For beautiful girls who wants to do this in London ensure your safety first.

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Tips to Help You Find Hot Girls While Holidaying

Finding the best girl out there is not a cheap task. You need to undertake painstaking research for you to get the hot girls of your dreams. Many amateurs have lacked a companion while in other countries because they are simply not informed. For you to find hot girls for a companion, you need to master the subtle tips that will quicken your way to getting your dream girl or girls. Read on to discover more.

sporty girl

First, you need to be very friendly for you to find sexy companion girls. If you wear an air of detached aloofness, you are going to waste your chances of nailing the girls that can prove useful companion. Small things such as a smile and a handshake will go a long way in helping you find a reliable companion girls.


There are many agencies out there that offer service in the sex and recreation industry. As such, you should enlist the service of such bureaus for you to land the sexy girls you want. Service industries in the area of recreation and catering will prove useful companion as you look for the hot girls who will color your holiday. Request to know what the whole service entails and negotiate to find the best prices out there. You should avoid settling for the first service you find. Do enough research until you get the most affordable one.


Again, you need to do a lot of research to avoid landing a thief while looking a sexy girl to make your holiday colorful. You must go for the service of a chartered bureau or agency that is well reputed. To know which agency has the best companion service reputation, you should ask those that have sought the same service before.


You should be articulate in order get the hot girl of your dreams. Be a person who knows what they want to achieve. Conquer fear and shame and shyness and communicate with informed clarity. Hot girls who make excellent companion find articulate men to be fun. Desist from wearing that charlatan face that keeps everything under a veneer of obscurity. Share more about yourself and listen as your companion tells you more about herself. Tell her the kind of service you want from her and if she accepts, let her do it without feeling too obliged to do it. Create an atmosphere of friendliness.


Finally, you need to make your goals very clear to the companion girls you are talking to. As such, you need to be very clear what your point of getting a girl is. If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it. You need to know exactly what you want for you to get it. Once you know what you want from a particular girl, avoid beating about the bush. Immediately tell her what you want. If she is willing, let her tell you right away. If she is not willing, then let her alone and look for another one. This will save you a great deal of time and money and maximize your chances.

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